When did you know you were in love?

We asked girls about the moment they knew

Falling in love can be a wonderful, scary, beautiful and terrifying thing that happens to us at some point or another in our lives (hopefully). People write songs about falling in love. People write poems, books, sonnets, plays, Facebook statuses, Instagram posts and almost anything you can imagine under the sun trying to describe the unseen feeling of what we call love.

Is there a moment when people suddenly know they’re in love? Does it just happen over time? Will we ever even know?

We asked girls about the exact moment they knew they were in love. Whether it’s with their boyfriends, best friends, or even their favorite foods – keep your Kleenex handy, ladies, as you read their stories and try not to cry.

Lauren Cocking


When I was talking about him to my friends not long after we got together, I just realized that I was in love with him. The more I talked about him, the more I realized I couldn’t stop! We met during my year abroad in Mexico and have been doing long distance for almost a year now.

Sharon Mejia


When he taught me the meaning of love, value and friendship all through his actions, words and love for me. Not only is he my boyfriend of six years, but my best friend. We basically have known each other since we were little but didn’t really talk until the year of 2010. My whole family approved (when they never even let me date at 15 to 16) but since day one, he’s been making me laugh and has always taught me to love myself first no matter what.

Kerrigan Stern


When I couldn’t help but get mad at him for everything but I realized that it was because I just loved him so much. I couldn’t get the words out when I wanted to tell him but he understood and said it back. Even if I was a pain, it was all for the best reason: love.

Mared Emlyn Parry


I think we both knew from the first minute really. When I first laid eyes on the extensive menu of calorific heaven I knew it was love. Be it drive-through or eat in, McDonalds has been there for me through thick and thin. We’ve got a long distance relationship thing going on, and I’ll admit we have our struggles, but what is a relationship without some struggles? When I’m home from university I’m an hour away from the nearest branch so it can be a challenge keeping the spark alive, but as soon as I’m back in Cardiff city, and I sink my teeth into the tender meat of a 99p mayo chicken, it makes it all worth it.”

Claire Letts


I had been talking to this guy for a few weeks when he asked me to be his girlfriend. I had just gotten out of a relationship so I said no. After that I couldn’t stop thinking about him, how happy he made me, and how fast he had become my best friend. He gave me butterflies everyday, but my favorite thing was when I caught him looking at me and smiling when he thought I wasn’t paying attention. So I went back to him about a month later and told him that if the offer was still on the table I would love to be his girlfriend. I’ll never forget the smile on his face. We have been dating for over two years now and he is my best friend, and he still gives me butterflies everyday.

Jessica Meno


[I knew I loved him] after I opened up about the sexual assault that happened to me in middle school, which didn’t affect him in any way other than loving me even more. He became my friend-zoned best friend the summer after our junior year of high school, but we started dating in the middle of our senior year. We graduated as valedictorian/salutatorian of our small graduating class. Now, we’re maintaining our relationship semi-long distance (from Stanford to Cal Poly), about 3.5 hours in-between. Still going strong at almost 2.5 years. I’m so grateful for him and everything he does for me!! He truly is my best friend.

Aoife O’Connor


I had kind of had an inkling that I loved my boyfriend since we’d dated for a week and then I went on holiday for two weeks in a different country and I spoke to him every day and I was so excited to see him I went to him as soon as I landed and I’ll never forget literally running at him. Then we were in a bar/club about a week later when I introduced him to my friends and we were alone and started talking and we both knew what we were thinking and I wasn’t having him say it to me there so I took him outside to this churchy looking building next door and it was like the movies like if you say it I’ll say it first.

Maggie Fischer


I don’t think there was a defining moment where I fell in love with my boyfriend, mainly because I feel like I find new reasons to fall in love with him every day (and we’ve been dating for almost a year now – so there’s a lot). But, what I can tell you is the moment I knew I HAD to be with him.

So, it was only the second time I’d ever seen him on campus, and it was pouring out. Like downright thunderstorm. I had to go to our student center to pick up a care package from my grandma, so I threw on an old neon pair of running shorts and a hugely oversized sweatshirt. looked like a mess, and by the time I got the student center, I was drenched. I think a wet rat would’ve looked cuter than I did. Anyway, after I pick up my mail, I was on my way out when I saw, of all people, the guy I had a huge crush (my current boyfriend) on sitting on a couch, reading, wearing a “Schrute Farms” shirt from The Office. My first thought was to leave, hoping he didn’t see me in my horrific, rainy state. But, I couldn’t leave. There was a feeling in my gut that told me I had to go talk to him, and I’d be upset if I didn’t. So, despite my appearance, I knew I couldn’t turn down an opportunity to spend time with him. We ended up having an amazing conversation, and it’s been that feeling of “I can’t pass up any moment to spend time with you” that’s carried my through my relationship with him, and (I think) eventually lead to me falling for him.

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