It’s almost the big day, hooray! Here are 10 things to remember on your wedding day to ensure it goes down in history – for all the best reasons!


Whether your ceremony takes place at 11am or 1pm, one of the key things to remember is that you’ll have an early start to get you and your girls through hair and makeup. You won’t sit down to your wedding breakfast for a few hours afterwards, either, so fitting in a good breakfast is essential. How about a hamper of croissants, conserves and Champagne to get you started?



It’s customary for you to give each other one final surprise before you say “I do”. Whether this comes in the form of a gift – try cufflinks or earrings to wear on the day – or simply a heartfelt note is entirely your choice. You can make it the task of your maid of honour and best man to deliver them.



It might fly by and feel like a bit of a rush, but try your best to cherish the time shared with your mum and bridesmaids as you get ready. Let yourselves get a little teary (pre-makeup, of course!) and don’t forget to have photographs together too – especially one just with your mum, which might otherwise be forgotten.

With the mother of the bride also traditionally left out of the speeches, we think it’s a lovely touch to raise a toast to her during your wedding breakfast.



Planning on hitting the dance floor or getting stuck into the garden games? Even the best makeup might need a little support to stay on top form. Speak to your makeup artist so that you can match your products, and then ask a bridesmaid to carry a few essentials in their purse for you. Short on space? Lipstick, mascara and powder should see you through happily.



If you’re lucky enough to enjoy a good relationship with your dad and have him with you for your wedding day, don’t miss the chance to make memories just with him too. Perhaps you could pause for a moment before you turn and walk down the aisle together? Or revive the tradition of a father-daughter dance?



Comfortable guests are happy guests, so keep them in mind when writing your list of things to remember. Fill a basket with helpful items – things like plasters, safety pins, tissues. Seasonal saviours will also be welcomed – think a blanket basket in winter or flip flops, deodorant and fans for summer. This can be pre-packed in advance, but make sure someone is on-hand to set it up at the venue before guests arrive. You might like to have a secret stash somewhere just for the bridal party, too.

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