The Correlation Between Friendship and Relationship

The thought of having a friend with whom you can share your joys and sorrows defines a strong relationship. In the book Marriages that last the author emphasizes on the power of friendship to maintain a healthy relationship. A partner who also happens to be your friend should have a deeper understanding of your likes and dislikes and you both must complement each other to achieve the best. It is vital for a marriage to be based on friendship.

Characteristics of friends in a relationship

1. Mutual understanding

Friends have a mutual feelings for one another. They empathize with one another and are willing to support each other to the bitter end. In case of a conflict, they know the extent to which their friends can stretch and respect it rather than fight to win a conversation.

2. Shares everything

Have you noticed someone who is going through a tough time and does not want to share it? A good option is a close friend with whom you could share your stuff. They share everything without being judged and still manage to use wisdom to get the friend out of a bad situation.  You have nothing to hide from your friend, however ugly the situation may be.

3. Mutual trust and honesty

A friend must be someone who keeps your secrets. Even if he or she may be overwhelmed by the burden of your situation, in case he opts to seek advice from a third party, he tactically uses the situation while protecting the identity of the friend.

Friends give you tough love, they do not sugar coat the situation, and instead, they are honest with their opinion and advice for the benefit of your life and relationship. Tough love differentiates honest and dishonest friends.

4. Practice loyalty

A good friend is loyal to you to an extent of going an extra mile for the sake of the relationship. If it means taking care of her while in a hospital; there are no set boundaries. This is what makes the relationship memorable. A common saying, “show me your friends and I show you who you are,” The type of friends you keep portrays your character and social status.

5. Never judgmental

Trust and honesty enhance the level of the relationship with your friends. You will talk and share anything with no one to take sides or even judge you. At times, you just require a listening ear even if they do not offer tangible advice or help. It is therapeutic.

You have to be friends before you escalate the relationship to a higher level. Friendship gives you a common ground for you to relate.  What will you talk about when you have nothing to share in common? Some friendships are toxic; the earlier you realize the better for your health before it becomes detrimental to your health.

What are the indicators of a friendly relationship?

1. You miss one another

You cannot afford to stay away from a good friend for more than two days. With the error of digital communication, you must find something to talk about.

2. He or she features in your other conversations

In your talk among your social friends, you always make a reference to your friend as a quote or you just remember him or her for one good thing.

3. You always look up to them

If you are faced with a tough situation or something to celebrate then the next comment is ‘my friend should know about this or “you should meet my friend.”

4. You both know each other very well

A friendly relationship must be from both the ends. It should not be that you know about your partner but he or she does not know anything about you. That is a toxic relationship with negative energy.

5. Enjoy each other’s company

In your neighborhood, you see people who walk together all the time to a point they start resembling each other. If you plan your weekends or holidays with your friend in mind then you are in a friendly relationship. In this case, at one point you behave as if you are running away from your friend then you would rather be without him or her.

A friendly relationship enjoys all the fun without any limit or boundaries. Look at your social friends and evaluate which relationship fits a friendly definition.

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